Monday, 6 June 2011

Simon Cowell

Okay, the first rant:  Simon Cowell.

Whatever you think of him, he's damned good at what he does.  Infuriatingly so - you only have to look at the last few weeks of stories in the papers to know that.

In this age of churnalism and flat earth news, a constant
flow of stories spread round the media-world like wildfire and all serve to promote his shows:
  • "Cheryl Cole joins US X-factor"
  • "Cheryl leaves US X-factor" 
  • "Cheryl devastated"
  • "UK X-factor line-up announced (no Cheryl)"
  • "Cheryl may rejoin US X-factor after shock u-turn"
Can you find any region / national / international outlet which doesn't carry these adverts (sorry, "news stories") day after day?

The timing is impeccable.  Look at the coverage of the hideously misnamed 'Britain's Got Talent':  A story about a kid who may or may not be known to a company connected to Mr Cowell hits the minor headlines.   Suddenly, in the 48 hours before the grand final (just in time for Friday's copy coincidentally), the police are allegedly being called in to investigate.

I'd suggest they won't prosecute anyone.  Further, I'd suggest the police have slightly more important things to worry about and won't be pursuing very many lines of enquiry. 

Whatever you think of him, whatever you think of his shows, he knows how to work the media.

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