Wednesday, 8 June 2011

A beautiful, unique photograph

If Neil Armstrong gave us a great leap for mankind, the international space station is mankind regaining our balance and standing up straight. As such, I think it's quite apt that as a chapter ends in this incredible feat of engineering and discovery, the occasion is marked with a thing of beauty.

This has never been seen before and, as it's the last Orbiter trip ever, it'll never be seen again. There are lots of pictures of the International Space Station taken from the shuttle orbiter and vice versa. There are also pictures taken close to the shuttle, even by people who have been on spacewalks but they've never been strayed this far away from a vehicle.

This time, however, an astronaut/photographer on board the Soyuz spacecraft departed whilst the orbiter was docked at the International Space Station - the first and I believe only time this has happened.

BBC link

As well as a nice piece from Jonathon Amos, you can also click through to the NASA site direct for more beautiful images.

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