Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The Daily Fail

Quite apart from giving some really abhorrent people the time and space to vent their poisonous spleens to the World, the Daily Mail in the UK has been well and truly caught out blatantly making things up.

The Mail Online, their web presence, prepared two stories ahead of the result of the case in Perugia, Italy where Raffaele Sollecito and Amanda Knox were successful in their appeal against murder convictions. In terms of racing to get a story online quickly once the decision had been made, preparing two stories makes sense.

It's simply an unfortunate mistake to post the wrong version. Oh dear, never mind, these things happen.

However, have a read through this blog post (below) - the Mail have entirely fabricated impossible quotes and attributed them to some of the people involved.  They've also 'reported' on the pair being put on suicide watch after being taken away to prison.  Facts and quotes, made up - not entirely a trustworthy paper.

Made up quotes

A horrific newspaper lambasted on an excellent blog.

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